Lifestyle and posture are major contributors to muscle and joint pain. Patient education is an important aspect of our service.

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The Backprakt Approach

The premise that joint flexibility and effective muscle control are key to health and well-being are self-evident and undisputed. Muscle spasms may result in decreased flexibility leading to signs and symptoms  of joint stiffness, reduced range of movement, pain, anxiety and low mood. These signs and symptoms are manifest in many clinical conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis, soft tissue injuries within joints, frozen shoulder, muscle spasms, sciatica, ligament and tendon strains and sprains.

Muscle spasm and pain may result from a number of other organic conditions it is therefore essential that these are carefully considered. The Backprakt treatment regime includes a functional assessment to inform diagnosis and to formulate the treatment plan which may include some or all of these modalities:

  • ultrasound
  • electro-physiologic therapy
  • soft tissue release
  • muscle energy techniques
  • joint manipulation

Treatments are followed by exercises and advice on how to achieve self-maintenance. Patient education is critical to maintain their control of their own well-being.

Classes provided by Dr Jim Logan


The Treatment Regime

Treatment times are variable from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the patient’s commitments and the nature of their condition.  A course of treatment may take four to eight hours of appointments or longer depending on the extent of the dysfunction. The clinical guidelines suggest 10 treatments are necessary for low back pain.

Lifestyle and posture are major contributors to muscle and joint pain. Patient education is an important aspect of our service.

It is sometimes necessary for us to advise clients that regular monthly treatments will help to maintain fitness.

Treatment Effectiveness

The key test of effectiveness is whether the patient feels better or not for having undergone the service provided. Our past patients and their families are positive and recommend us to others.

Case Studies.

A schoolchild became unwell and was hospitalised for a serious medical condition. The child appeared to respond to the treatment but complained of having back pains. After considerable time the condition had improved but the child still complained of back pain.  The parent brought the child for an assessment. The child was listless and in obvious pain. On examination the spine was found to be locked. It was released and the child immediately responded and was able to return to school. This was hardly a placebo effect.

Another example was the case of the octogenarian woman, who was advised by her GP that her “back had gone” was brought to the Dr Logan’s Clinic. She was stooped over; walked with great difficulty and in pain. On examination, the vertebral column was rotated and locked. After 4 one hour treatments given over a week-end, she was able to return home walking pain free, upright and with no other difficulties. She is still pain free and fully mobile 9 months later.

Initial Consultation

Session Time: 30 min
Cost: £60.00

Follow up treatment

Session Time: 30 min
Cost: £40.00