Confronting old behaviour and thinking patterns which sabotage personal development.

Counselling at Vitality Time for Change?

Life can be challenging and at certain times is often difficult to see a way forward. Maybe you feel that something is not working for you or that you "should" be happy, but cannot quite work out why you are not. Or maybe you find yourself repeating the same old "behaviours" and wondering how you managed to get to this point again.

Counselling can be thought of as offering a way to gain perspective on behaviour, emotions and relationships by providing a platform in a safe, neutral environment to express feelings and identify patterns of thinking. It serves as a means to address pain and loss and can help alleviate anxiety, depression and anger in their many forms. Within this it can help develop communication skills for dealing with conflict and frustration thus adding meaning to your life.

Counselling Speak with one of our Counsellors in Complete Confidentiality

Counselling can be a very powerful experience in helping you to identify, come to terms with, change or heal a situation hence finding the right counsellor whom you feel able to work with is essential and an important part of the process.

At Vitality we understand it is imperative to make a connection with the counsellor that is right for you, which is why all our counsellors are happy to have a chat with you prior to booking to ensure both the counsellor involved and you, the client, know you are getting not only the right person for you but also the most appropriate treatment.