A gentle yet effective spinal massage to relieve muscular aches and pains in the back

About Breuss Massage Sports Therapy at Backprakt

It is one of the most gentle of all spinal mobilisation techniques making it a safe and relaxing treatment.

It is well known for its therapeutic effects on the nervous system and may start the regeneration process of malnourished intervertabral discs, making it an excellent therapy for back pains, slipped disc, muscular tension, etc. It has a wonderful calming effect upon the nervous system, reducing stress and nervous tension. It releases physical and energy blockages and is a balancing therapy for the mind body and spirit.

Breuss Spinal Massage is often combined with Dorn Therapy to enhance its therapeutic effect.

Therapies provided by Ian Blinkho

Breuss Massage

Session Time: 40 min
Cost: £30.00

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