The Dorn Method is a gentle yet effective therapy for back pain, sciatica, neck ache, whiplash and peripheral joints

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It is also well known that there are connections with misaligned vertebrae on health problems. When the misaligned vertebra is corrected often the health problem disappears, e.g. back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, tiredness, digestive problems.

The Dorn Method is so gentle that, unlike some other methods, the pelvis, vertebrae and other joints can be corrected without any risk. It is a gentle 'fix it in motion' method which can be controlled by the patient himself. No force or twisting or cracking methods are used.

The Dorn Method has a holistic approach and a unique self help therapy guide that enhances its therapy that gives longer lasting results.

It is now one of the first choices of spinal and joint treatment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Dorn Method

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Session Time: 1 hour
Cost: £35.00