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At Backprakt, the Mobiliser is part of the treatment regime to enhance the quality of the patient’s experience and to achieve a deeper state of muscle relaxation. The Mobiliser is very effective in relaxing the large muscles of the back: Trapezius; Latismus Dorsii, as well as the deeper muscles such as Quadratus Lumborum, Erector Spinae, Splenus cervicus, Splenus capitus, Rhomboids and Scalenes.  The mobiliser is also effective in massaging the Glutes, Hamstrings and calf muscles.

In addition the gentle rolling (elevation) of the individual vertebrae as the rollers pass up the spine, eases the facet joints, which are the only synovial joints of the vertebral column.

The Mobiliser treatment can redress the effects of trauma, poor posture, lifestyle, sport and recreation and working conditions, which if not treated can lead to changes in our muscles, bones and joints that ares essentially physiological adaptations.

While these adaptations may have been beneficial in the short term, in the longer term the results are commonly chronic muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflamed and stiff joints. These signs and symptoms affect mood, self-confidence, motivation and achievement. The affects can reinforce the adaptive behaviour and thus aggravate the physical condition leading to further  deterioration in performance and achievement.

Poor spinal posture is a common feature of these problems and can act to reinforce rather than remedy. Gentle spinal mobilisation is a key part to resolving such conditions. In our practice we incorporate the use of the Mobiliser into our treatment plans.

We recommend regular treatment with the Mobiliser for health, well-being and maintaining and improving performance.

Benefits for the patients

  • For many patients the rate of recovery is faster than would have occurred without using the Mobiliser
  • The Mobiliser has been effective in resolving or reducing long term spinal conditions such as chronic facet restrictions; scoliosis; and spondylitis.
  • Used regularly the Mobiliser increases and maintains spinal flexibility and reduces re-occurrence of back pain.
  • Many patients find it a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Classes provided by Dr Jim Logan

Mobiliser Treatment

Session Time: 30 min
Cost: £40.00