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About Sports Therapy Sports Therapy at Backprakt

The effects of trauma, poor posture, lifestyle, sport and recreation and working conditions lead to changes in our muscles, bones and joints that are physiological adaptations. While these may be beneficial in the short term, in the longer term the results are commonly chronic muscle spasms; chronic pain; inflamed and stiff joints. These signs and symptoms affect mood, self-confidence, motivation and achievement.

The affects can reinforce the adaptive behaviour and thus aggravate the condition.

In addition, repetitive strain on soft tissue such as tendon and ligaments can result in structural changes, swelling, muscle spasm and chronic pain.

Backprakt approach to Sports Therapy

The best form of therapy is preventive. Thus pre-event assessment, exercise, dietary advice and massage are available. Pre-event assessment includes Gait Analysis, BMI, functional assessment which includes: -cardiac, respiratory and orthopaedic  assessments.

Post event functional assessment, massage, stretching, mobilisation and dietary advice.

Sports injuries management:

Diagnostic service including Diagnostic ultrasound as necessary. Trauma and Repetitive Strain are managed using our rehabilitation protocols including massage; therapeutic ultrasound; taping; physiological; mobilisation and exercise prescriptions.

Classes provided by Dr Jim Logan

Mobiliser Treatment

Session Time: 30 min
Cost: £40.00